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The Power of Silence

Special 2-hour Teleseminar Saturday, Dec. 29

A powerful way to start the new year

My favorite teacher loved to speak about the ‘glory of the gap’ – the junction point between waking and sleeping, the between inhalation and exhalation, the spaces between thoughts and sounds, the space that exists between endings and beginnings of every sort.

Those gaps contain the silence of Beingness, pure existence, pure potentiality. In there reside all the laws of nature that structure our world in a state of evenness, in which no one tendency or law is dominant but all are equally and fully awake. Everything in our physical world collapses and emerges from this gap continuously. As each object  collapses into the gap it expands to become one with all the laws of nature; it then  emerges realigned with the laws of nature as transforms into its next stage of expression.  It is the gap that gives life to everything, and which maintains its structure and integrity as it progresses.

The ancient seers, or Rishis, perceived this directly. They referred to the rhythm of the gaps as the ‘dance of Shiva’  - Shiva is the personification of the silent nature of Beingness. It is the dance of Shiva, of silence, expressed as the gaps of nature that creates and sustains the world.

All cultures honor this by celebrating beginnings and endings. The New Year is an especially powerful time to take advantage of this transition or gap in order to refresh our purpose and gain the support of nature for our intentions and growth.


My special 2-hour teleseminar on December 29 is designed to take advantage of the power of the gap, of silence, as we transition into the New Year. The teleseminar will include cleaning up on the past year as well as setting intentions for 2019, plenty of group releases and opportunity for questions, one-on-one assistance and sharing, with an emphasis on deep silence during the releases.

Join us on December 29 for this powerful releasing session to enliven your creativity, intelligence and dynamic presence going into the New Year.

The Teleseminar took place on December 29.

Cost:      $49.95*

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