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Susan Seifert


Susan Seifert

Susan has instructed and coached many of thousands of people from over 16 countries since 1970. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Sedona Method Coach, Certified Core Transformation Coach and a long-time teacher of meditation.

Susan’s clients appreciate her ability to lead them to greater insights and achievements effortlessly, with compassion and humor. Many (though not all!) sessions are filled with gales of laughter.

Her clients include people in all walks and stages of life  — CEOs, business owners, students, single moms, retirees – and from every continent. Susan’s Sedona Method “letting go” clients include Certified Sedona Method Coaches, instructors, ‘newbies’ and ‘old-timers’ who studied with Sedona Method Founder, Lester Levenson.

Issues that were decades old simply dissolved

My releasing sessions with Susan were deeply healing.  Issues that were decades old simply dissolved. When I think of how nervous I felt  about doing a private session with Susan,  I am grateful that some grace  gave me the courage.

If  you feel you are a shy person, or  feel afraid to try a coaching session with someone as awesome as Susan, please allow yourself this heart-full  gift.

          -- Diane Stewart

Phone: 415-488-6890

Email:  susan a t  yoursedonacoach   com

Skype: swseifert

Interested in coaching?  Contact me to set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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