Keys to Effortless Releasing


Lester Levenson
Sedona Method Founder   

"Through working with Susan, I learned to release much more effectively. 

Releasing with Susan and listening to her guidance helped me get to a sense of well-being, peace and possibility.  For me, she really helped turn the Sedona Method from a theoretical technique I read about in a book into a useful, reliable tool I can use anywhere and anytime. 

I highly recommend her if you're ready to take that next step to transform your life and let go of what's holding you back." 

            ----   Cynthia G. 

Keys to Effortless Releasing

Purchase the recordings of our 2-hour teleseminar held on November 17, 2018 for a special 2-hour Teleseminar - Keys to Effortless Releasing - during which I shared some simple tools that make letting go completely effortless. This information is not available in the Sedona Method material.

I came by this knowledge the hard way ... You see, releasing didn't come easy for me.   

When I learned the Sedona Method, I had a few powerful releases that convinced me the Method was worth pursuing, but I couldn't reproduce them. I often wasn't sure that I had let go. I spent a lot of time trying to let go and getting frustrated - even through several 7- and 9-Day Retreats!  

Finally through persistence and careful attention, I became aware of the actual mechanics of letting go. I discovered the keys to effortless releasing each and every time.   

Since then I have shared these discoveries with hundreds of graduates of the Sedona Method and Release Technique, including those who had studied with Lester Levenson. Person after person has told me it transformed their releasing practice.

During this Teleseminar, you will learn these simple tips to take the effort out of your letting go practice and gain even more from the Sedona Method. You will learn tips for letting go, welcoming, holistic releasing and the 5th Way of letting go. 

If you have taken this teleseminar before, this meeting will provide a valuable review and reminder. It will allow you ‘reset’ your releasing to effortlessness and presence.

In addition to the tips on releasing without effort, there will be plenty of group releases as well as the opportunity for one-on-one assistance, sharing and questions. Your active participation is welcome but not required in order to gain maximum benefit. Most people listen quietly and follow along without speaking up.

The Teleseminar took place on November 17, 2018.

Cost:      $49.95*

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