Beyond Separate and One

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Special 2-hour Mini-Retreat

Beyond Separate & One

Join us on Saturday, May 23 for a special 2-hour mini-retreat Teleseminar during which we will explore the wanting separation / oneness program, one of the four major wants delineated in the Sedona Method.

Wanting to be separate is a sense of wanting to stand out or maintain a separate identity, wanting to prove how special and different we are. It can also be felt as a desire to be alone. As we let go of wanting to be separate, we are more able to connect with others without losing our sense of self.

The flip side of wanting to be separate is wanting oneness - wanting to belong, to merge, to be a part of. It can feel like a sense of yearning or longing, a feeling of being left out, or loneliness. As we let go of wanting oneness, we are able to feel the oneness that is already present. We are able to connect with others without neediness, while feeling complete within ourselves.

The social distancing due to the COVID 19 pandemic is bringing up both wanting oneness and separation for many right now, as we may be living in closer quarters with others and/or isolated from our friends and families.

This teleseminar is designed to be a 2-hour mini-retreat allowing you to go beyond wanting into the oneness, wholeness of your true nature. It will be recorded and provide you with great releases that you can play again and again.

We will incorporate some of the more recent types of releasing, the 5th Way and Free Way into our exploration.

There will be plenty of time for questions, sharing, and requests for one-on-one assistance.  

Schedule & Logistics

When: Saturday, May 23,  11 AM -1 PM Central Time*

How: By phone or computer

*Click here for the call in your local time

The call will be recorded and available for download.

Register Now:  $59.95

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Lester Levenson
Sedona Method Founder   

Issues that were decades old simply dissolved

My releasing sessions with Susan were deeply healing.  Issues that were decades old simply dissolved. When I think of how nervous I felt  about doing a private session with Susan,  I am grateful that some grace  gave me the courage.

If  you feel you are a shy person, or  feel afraid to try a coaching session with someone as awesome as Susan, please allow yourself this heart-full  gift.

-- Diane Stewart