The Power of Your Consciousness

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Lester Levenson
Sedona Method Founder   

I found the workshop allowed "me" many  revelations and overall the whole was inspiring and touching. 

As a result I got clearer for the first time (to my surprise)  about how the fifth way truly intermeshes with releasing and how to facilitate this process in others as a coach.

--Marlys Mayfield
Certified Sedona Method Coach


One word: wow.

More words: I have experienced a lot of therapy, over the years, including from direct students of Carl Rogers, and direct students of Milton Ericson (one of whose sons I dated in high school, as we were neighbors, but that's another story....); I have three levels of certification in NLP (including Trainer); and I have attended several of Hale's retreats in Sedona over the years. And of course I have read books and taken other seminars and such, as well.

And, this was probably the most valuable 2 hours I have spent ever. Maybe because of all the prior work, and maybe just because you are so very good at making concepts simple and understandable (and yes, as the woman at the end said, speaking slowly is part of it -- viz. all the accelerated learning stuff, which I also am trained in and use in my own work).... I wasn't going to do this seminar because it wasn't in my budget this month, but I am so glad I did. I am eager to listen to it again on the recording, especially the first hour or so -- the absolute best discussion of the 5th way (and, BTW, the basic concepts of self and not-self) I have ever experienced. Thank you so much. 

                ----Leslie Wildesen

Special 2-hour Teleseminar Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017

  Exploring the 5th Way

Effortless Self-Inquiry

Join us on Saturday, September 30 for a special Teleseminar during which we explore the "5th Way" of releasing - a way to directly see through the illusion of a separate, limited persona to the unlimited Self that you are. 

Misunderstanding about who you are is at the root of all the wants, all suffering and limitation. We identify with our body, memories, feelings and perceptions, and that keeps us on a merry-go-round of attachment and aversion. The 5th Way cuts through that powerfully, often making releasing unnecessary and opening us to the freedom that Lester called the ‘Ultimate Reality’.  It truly is ‘beyond letting go.’

''Who am I?” is the final question that everyone

answers so why not begin with the final question?

---- Lester Levenson

Many in the releasing community have expressed confusion about the 5th Way, inspiring me to create this Teleseminar. There will be a complete explanation and exploration of the 5th way, including one or more group processes, and plenty of time for questions and one-on-one assistance.

Much of the material in this special Teleseminar is not available in the Sedona Method courses or retreats. It is a unique  approach that makes self-discovery obvious and easy.

You will receive simple tools for using this approach and integrating it with your other releasing, simply and easily.

This Teleseminar has been a great favorite and it’s time to offer it again. I’m looking forward to sharing deepened experience and understanding with you on September 30.


Saturday September 30, 2017:

        10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (ish)* Central US Time

*Times are US Central Time (Chicago). Please check for your local time.

Can’t make the call? Not to worry - it will be recorded and available for download.

Cost:  $49.95

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