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Lester Levenson
Sedona Method Founder   

Special 2-hour Teleseminar  Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to Go High to Release

Join us in a special 2-hour teleseminar during which we will explore Lester’s advice to Go High to Release.

Lester used to tell his students to not just release to get high or feel good, but to to keep releasing from the states of Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace (CAP). He said releasing from those higher states is the most powerful releasing of all.

As releasers, we’re used to focusing on the apathy, grief, fear, etc. - the uncomfortable feelings - or to use the 5th Way to go beyond feelings entirely.  In this teleseminar, we’ll explore the Courageousness, Acceptance, Peace and Beingness that is already present and learn how to incorporate that into our releasing. 

We’ll learn some quick and easy ways to release from CAP and Beingness, the most powerful releasing of all, and some simple techniques to make releasing easier and more enjoyable.  This material is not available in any of the Sedona Method Courses.

I first offered the Go High to Release teleseminar in November 2010. Participants are still sending glowing feedback about the profound changes in their releasing. Here’s a chance to experience this for yourself. 

There will be plenty of group releases as well as time for questions, sharing and the opportunity to receive one-on-one assistance. As always, your active participation is welcome but not at all required in order to gain most from the teleseminar.

The call will be recorded and available to all participants.


Sat., July 22, 2017 - 10:30 AM US Central Time*

*The call will last approximately 2 hours. You are welcome to come for all or part of the call. Please check to find your local time. (US Central Time = Chicago time.)

Can’t make the call? Not to worry! It will be recorded and available to all participants for download.

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Cost: $49.95

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Read what others have to say about How to Go High to Release:

Your content was enormously valuable,... [The technique you shared] is delightful and changes everything and gives a sense of Beingness while dispelling doubt. I am finally able to bring glimpses of releasing into my daily activities. – “Trailer”

I noticed that I feel so much more courageous. For example, I had a fear of large dogs. I went for a walk the other day and ran into an unfriendly, snarling large dog. I found myself sending love to her and welcoming her closer She came near, sniffed me then left. This is very unusual behavior for me. Normally I would just cross the street to avoid her. Also, I noticed that my food cravings originated from feelings of deprivation with feelings that there is never enough. I can never satisfy a deep hunger for attention, affection, love and approval. Suddenly with an insight into this pattern, the cravings for more food and unhealthy choices of food had just dropped.

-- Mariah Milligan

Susan challenged us to go further than releasing negative emotions - to go for 'ultimate freedom'. For me the nice thing is I've resonated so strongly with the ideas and experience of the telecall, I'm doing this several times a day with no effort! How does it get better than that?

May Johnstone